• Automotive Grade Resistor
  • Thin Film Resistor
  • MELF Resistor
  • Current Sensing Resistor
  • Metal Low Ohm Resistor
  • Thick Film Resistor
  • Network/Array
  • Functional Thick Film Resistor
  • Leaded Resistor
  • Wire Wound Power Resistor
  • Power Resistor


  • RF Ceramic Inductor
  • Ferrite Chip Inductor
  • Miniature Power Inductor
  • Power Choke Power Inductor
  • SMD Metal Alloy Power Inductor
  • Shielding Power Inductor
  • Non-Shielding Power Inductor
  • Wire Wound Power Inductor
  • DIP Power Inductor
  • EMI Bead (CBM Series)
  • Common Mode Filter (CM Series)
  • Automotive Grade Inductor


  • Supercapacitor
  • SMD Multilayer Chip Capacitor (MC Series)
  • SMD Multilayer Chip Capacitor (MCF Series)
  • Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

Vikings tech corporation : Applications 

  • Railways
  • Automobile Industry
  • Power Electronic Industry
  • LT & HT Switchgears Industry
  • Capacitor Industry
  • Consumer Electronic Industry
  • Lighting Industry
  • Instrumentation
  • Lasers, X-rays
  • Auto Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics

is a Authorized Distributor of VIKING TECH CORPORATION products in India.


Advanced Passive Component Manufacturer
Viking Tech is a Global Passive Manufacturer in design Thin Film, MELF, Functional Thick Film, Automotive Resistor, Metal strip current sensing , RF Inductor and power Inductor, Capacitor, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic components. The manufacturing Facilities located in Taiwan with certified high quality system of automotive IATF16949, Medical ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001. Viking’s advanced technology of Precision Thin Film, MELF, Metal Strip, Thick Film, High reliability product used in wide range of diverse applications, which can be found in Automotive, Industrial, Medical devices, Telecom, Commercial, IoT Home appliance, Battery management…etc.

Viking is listing company in Taiwan and we support Worldwide customers from well-known end customers to EMS, ODM and distributors and we have global offices in North America, Europe, Asia pacific to provide reliable service.