5G thermal paste

  • MTP-8301

MTP-8301 is a high-performance thermal conductive silicone grease, which is mainly used in 5G base station equipment


  • Thermal Grease MT-3203
  • Termica Pasta MT-3201
  • Thermal Grease MT-1202
  • Thermal Grease MT-3202
  • Thermal conductive silicone sealant–MT-1301
  • MT-2804 Potting Adhesive(1:1)
  • Thermal Grease MT-1201
  • Thermal Grease MT-1203 TUBE
  • Thermal Grease MT-1203
  • Thermal Grease MT-1201 TUBE
  • Thermal conductive silicone sealant–MT-1301


  • CPU cooling thermal paste
  • CPU thermal paste
  • Maxtor CTG9E CP

MAXTOR: Applications 

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • LED
  • 5G

is a Authorized Distributor of Maxtor products in India.

Maxtor, Originated in China, translated into Chinese, it means “step by step, open up the future”. We insist on building better products step by step to adapt to the future and create strength for scientific and technological progress.

We are a high-tech enterprise that focuses on thermal materials production and sales. We have become a strong team in the development production and sales. And it helps us to establish stable and strategic partnerships with many industries, such as communication, household appliances, L E D lighting, computer, and other enterprises.