Radial Lead Type / General Purpose
• LGS Series 5mmL, General Purpose 85°C 1000 Hrs
• LSM Series 5mmL, General Purpose 105°C 1000 Hrs
• LGM Series 7&9mmL, General Purpose 85°C 1000 Hrs
• LMK Series 7&9mmL, General Purpose 105°C 1000 Hrs
• LGK Series General Purpose 85°C 1000-2000 Hrs
• JKY Series Slim Type 105°C 2000 Hrs
• JLY Series Slim Type & Long Life 105°C 5000 Hrs
• LUK Series High Temperature 125°C 1000-2000 Hrs
• LHK Series General Purpose 105°C 2000 Hrs

Radial Lead Type / High Reliability

• JKS Ultra Low Impedance, High Ripple 105°C 2000-5000 Hrs
• LSE Low-ESR(Design for MB) 105°C 2000-4000 Hrs
• LBP Bi-Polalized for TV Set 105°C 2000 Hrs
• LLB Long Life for Ballast 105°C 5000 Hrs
• LEK Low-ESR 105°C 2000 Hrs
• LPS Low-Impedance & Long Life 105°C 3000-10000 Hrs
• SPL Series Electric Double Layer Capacitor – Lead Terminal

Radial Lead Type / Low Leakage Current

• LLS 5mmL,Low Leakage Current 105°1000 Hrs
• LLM 7&9mmL,Low Leakage Current 105°1000 Hrs
• LLK Low Leakage Current 105°1000-2000 Hrs

Radial Lead Type / Non-Polarized

• LNS 5mmL, Non-Polarized 105°C 1000 Hrs
• LNM 7&9mmL, Non-Polarized 105°1000 Hrs
• GNP Non-Polarized 85°C 2000 Hrs
• LNP Non-Polarized 105°1000-2000 Hrs

Axial Lead Type

• LAK Series Axial Standard 105°C 1000 Hrs
• LAN Series Axial Non-Polar Standard 105°C 1000 Hrs
• LAG Series Axial Standard 85°C 2000 Hrs

Snap-In Type

• LGP Series Standard 85°C 2000 Hrs
• LKP Series Standard 105°C 2000 Hrs
• LHP Series Low ESR 105°C 5000 Hrs
• SPS Series Electric Double Layer Capacitor – Snap-in Terminal
Screw-In Type
• SWG Series Screw Terminal, General 85°C 2000 hours
• SWK Series Screw Terminal, General 105°C 2000 hours

Surface Mount Type

• STK Series General Purpose 105°C 1000-2000 Hrs
• SNP Series Non-Polarized 85°C 1000 Hrs
• STG Series General Purpose 85°C 2000 Hrs
• STR Series Low Impedance & ESR 105°C 181920

Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitor

• JREP Series Power Aluminum Solid
• JVEA Series Standard Aluminum Solid

Ceramic Capacitor

• AC Capacitor (Y1 400VAC) (40-85-21-C)
• AC Capacitor (Y2 300VAC) (40-85-21-C)
• AC Capacitor (Y1 400VAC) (40-125-21-C)
• AC Capacitor (Y2 300VAC) (40-125-21-C)
• DC Capacitor (T-C)
• DC Capacitor (HI-K)
• DC Capacitor (S-C)
• Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Film Capacitor

• Axial Type Film Capacitor
• DMP DC-LINK Film Capacitor
• HMP AC Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor
• IGBT Subber Lug Terminal Series
• MMP Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor
• MPP Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor
• PMD Double-sided Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor
• PPN Polypropylene Film Capacitor
• PPS Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor
• X+Y Type Safety Film Capacitor
• X1 Type Film Safety Capacitor
• X2 Type Film Safety Capacitor



• Varistor 7V
• Varistor 10V
• Varistor 14V
• Varistor 18V
• Varistor 20V
• Metal Oxide Varistors


• MO Series Metal Oxide Film Resistor ( Nonflammable )
• KN Series Nonflame Wire-Wound Resistor
• SQ Series Cement Type Resistor
• FB Series Ferrite Bead
• AH Series Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistor
• Forming Lead Style – FKK Type

Chip Resistor

• Chip-R product catalogue
Mlcc(Multilayer Chip Capacitor)


• Diode

SCHURTER Electronics: Applications for Connectors and Switches

  • Automotive
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Automotive
  • Automotive

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