4mm Single Pole Connectors

  • 4mm Standard Banana Plug
  • 4mm In-line Stackable Plug
  • 4mm Bunch Pin Side Stackable Plug
  • 4mm Panel Mounting Socket
  • 4mm 90deg PCB Mounted Insulated Socket
  • 4mm Insulated Terminal
  • TS Plugs and Sockets
  • Crocodile Clips and Accessories
  • 4mm Connectors
  • Electrical Connectors

DIN Connectors

  • 3 Pin Plugs and Sockets
  • 4 Pin Plugs and Sockets
  • 5 Pin 45 Plugs and Sockets
  • 5 Pin 60 Plugs and Sockets
  • 5 way Dice Plugs and Sockets
  • 6 Pin Plugs and Sockets
  • 7 Pin Plugs and Sockets
  • 8 Pin Plugs and Sockets
  • Colour Coding Rings
  • DIN Speaker Plugs and Sockets

Phono Connectors

  • Professional Phono Plugs – Hollow Pin
  • Professional Phono Plugs – Solid Pin
  • Professional Phono Plugs – Shrouded Ground Contact
  • Professional Phono Line Socket
  • Professional Phono Panel Socket

XLR Connectors

  • XLR Connectors – 3 Pin Plugs
  • XLR Connectors – 3 Pin Sockets
  • XLR Connectors – 4 Pin Plugs
  • XLR Connectors – 4 Pin Sockets
  • XLR Connectors – 5 Pin Plugs
  • XLR Connectors – 5 Pin Sockets

2mm Miniature Connectors

  • 2mm Miniature Banana Plugs
  • 2mm Miniature Crocodile Clips

Audio Cable and Cable Assemblies

  • Audio Cable
  • Audio Cable Assemblies

Deltron Components: Applications for Connectors

  • Automotive
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Automotive
  • Automotive

is a Authorized Distributor of Deltron Components products in India.

Deltron Component manufactured XLR connectors, DIN connectors, 4mm connectors and die cast boxes for over 50 years, before relocating to North Lincolnshire in 2000.
Deltron Components is a well-known and respected brand of professional audio connectors and components manufactured and supplied by DEM Manufacturing. We have an enviable reputation as leaders in this field and our products are used worldwide by OEMs in the electronics and broadcast industries.

Our customer portfolio is broad, and consists of small and medium original equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, catalogue distributors and multi-national blue-chip companies, some of which we have worked with for over 50 years, others have joined us more recently.