Wire Wound Resistors

  • Dynamic Braking Resistors
  • Vitreous Enamelled Axial Resistors
  • Vitreous Enamelled Power Resistors
  • Variable Resistors
  • Aluminium Housed Resistors
  • Ceramic Encased Radial Resistors
  • Ceramic Encased Vertical Flat Resistors
  • Ceramic Encased Vertical Resistors
  • Ceramic Encased Axial Resistors
  • Silicon Radial Resistors
  • Silicon Axial & Fusible Resistors
  • Dynamic Braking Resistors
  • Vitreous Enamelled Power Resistors
  • Variable Resistors

Thick Film Resistors

  • Unlacquered Resistors
  • High Voltage & High Value Resistors
  • Silicon Thick Film Resistors
  • Metal Glaze Resistors
  • Tubular Thick Film Resistors
    TO 220 Resistors
    Thick Film Voltage Divider
    High Voltage Hybrid Resistors

Thin Film Resistors

  • Metal Film Fusible Resistors
  • Metal Oxide Film Resistors
  • Metal Film Resistors
  • Carbon Film Resistors

Special Type Resistors

  • Load Bank
  • Automobile (HVAC) Resistors
  • Tin Plated Copper Steel Wire
  • Tin Plated Copper Wire
  • Hybrid Delta Capacitor Discharge Resistors
  • Mosquito Repellants

Cermet Resistronics Pvt Ltd: Applications for Resistors

  • Railways
  • Automobile Industry
  • Power Electronic Industry
  • LT & HT Switchgears Industry
  • Capacitor Industry
  • Consumer Electronic Industry
  • Lighting Industry
  • Instrumentation
  • Lasers, X-rays
  • Auto Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics

is a Authorized Distributor of Diotec Semiconductor products in India.

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