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Elcom International Pvt. Ltd: Applications for Electromechanical and Electronic components

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is a Authorized Distributor of ACP Technologies products in India.

Aragonesa de Componentes Pasivos, S. A. (ACP), based in Tarazona (Zaragoza) Spain, is a World recognized specialist in thick-film technology and its application in the field of variable resistance since 1988. Our products include angular position sensors, potentiometers and trimmers which can be found in the following markets: Appliances, Industrial, Multimedia and Automotive.
ACP’s expertise lays in the development, characterization and manufacturing of polymeric pastes (resistive, conductive and dielectric) and its deposition in a wide range of substrates. We are vertically integrated, we also design and manufacture the plastic and the metal components that make part of our final products, being experts in materials and manufacturing processes. Finally, we put together all these components in our automated assembly lines that feature the control of the electrical parameters of each and every finished product.
This expertise allows us to adapt our products for customers with special  and demanding requirements, providing electromechanical tailor made solutions.
Our products are RoHS and Reach compliant,  and we are certified by IQNet under ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.
ACP has a strong R&D department that includes mechanical, chemical, materials, electronics and electrical engineers and also holds collaborations with universities and research institutes. We count with a professional team that makes our flexibility and high service level a key part of our value proposition. Our Prototype Building Team is able to prepare samples in very short lead time.